Fair Trade Bamboo Face Mask - Set of Two, Guatemala

If you have to wear a mask, you might as well wear one that is stylish and ethically made.  These are intricately hand woven out of organic bamboo in gorgeous colors by talented weavers in Guatemala.  They are lined with a soft cloth, and have an elastic band that goes around the back of the head, which some people find more comfortable.  It can also be worn around the neck for easy access.

Set of 2 masks.  We recommend washing before wearing.

Please note:  To make color choices hover over the color circle to read description in pop up box, and choose from photos.  Color patterns may vary slightly.  These should  fit most adults except those with very large faces.  They may work better for women, pre-teens and teenagers than men.


Our bamboo mask are handwoven by women in a fair trade cooperative in the highlands of Guatemala.  The bamboo is hand spun, dyed (using non-toxic dyes) and woven on traditional back strap looms, using one of the world's most ancient weaving techniques. The cooperative was formed in the 1980's during the genocide in Guatemala and has grown from 17 to 180 members.  It is one of the most successful fair trade cooperatives in Guatemala and has contributed to improving the lives of countless indigenous families.

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