Nature's Gift Indigo Crinkle Scarf - Leaf, India


This stunning scarf is handmade in India using natural indigo dye and a block print design on 100% cotton fabric.  The crinkle design makes it easy to wear - just wrap it around your neck and go - no ironing ever. 

This scarf comes in 2 widths (photo shows wider width).  The narrow version is great for a light weight scarf and the wider one provides winter warmth.  This one is a different color on each side of the scarf (light background on one side, darker blue on the other.  See photos for details).

Narrow:  Approximately 77" long and 21" wide if crinkles are stretched out.  When crinkles are left in, it naturally falls about 9" wide.

Wide:  Approximately 77" long and 42" wide if crinkles are stretched out. When crinkles are left in, it naturally falls about 26" wide.

Please note:  due to the natural dye we recommend rinsing the scarf with cold water before wearing.  Simply wring dry and it will retain the crinkle shape.  If you desire a traditional scarf it can be ironed smooth.


Our indigo scarves are handmade by women in a fair trade cooperative in India.  The women use traditional Indian block printing design techniques and the scarves are dyed with just the natural indigo plant.  This gives them a lovely aroma of indigo.

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