Peaceable Necklace, Ethiopia

This stunning necklace was handmade out of melted down artillery shells in Ethiopia by HIV Positive women.  It consists of brass and silver beads held together with brass rings, creating a contemporary, unique design.

Measures 31" around.

Please note:  the gold beads are solid brass so can be polished if desired.  The silver beads are plated copper so over time the copper may begin to show through, creating an antique-like look that many people enjoy.  

Silver beads may contain nickel.


The artisans who make this jewelry are from a fair trade cooperative in Ethiopia consisting of HIV positive women.  The women in the group not only receive fair wages but get high quality medical care as well as skills training.   Farmers in the community find the artillery shell casings and collect them to be repurposed into beautiful beads used for jewelry.  What a wonderful way to transform the trauma of war into beauty.

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