Hear My Voice Wrap Bracelet - Royal, Kenya

This stunning wrap bracelet is not only gorgeous but is truly special as it is made by deaf women in Kenya.

The deep blue leather cord compliments beading inspired by the Masai tradition alongside larger czech glass beads in a unique color-blocked pattern. This versatile wrap is finished with a handmade brass pyramid tag.  This wrap measures 32" and is designed to be adjustable for the perfect fit, regardless of how big or small your wrist is.  Simply wrap to desired comfort and choose the most appropriate loop to secure the tag.  Cut or tuck any excess leather (most women wear the wrap 4 or 5 times around).

Each bracelet comes with a colorful bag and a card with a picture and description of the artisan who made it.


The Hear My Voice Wrap Bracelet is handmade in a fair trade cooperative in Kenya by deaf women. Hearing impaired women in Kenya historically have an 85% unemployment rate. The sale of this bracelet helps these women support themselves and their families and thus empowers them to live a better life. This is truly a purchase with a purpose.

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