Reusable Pottery Plant Markers - Set of 3, India

Forget the plastic - these beautiful plant markers are handmade out of pottery and can be used over and over, year after year.  Just use a dry erase marker and you're all set.  

Pottery is an age-old art in India. Artisans in Rajasthan use a potter's wheel, handcrafted molds, and their hands to shape natural clay into beautiful works of functional art. This attractive herb marker is eco-friendly and reusable, handcrafted from natural clay and finished with lead-free glaze. The indigo on white design is a rich expression of traditional Indian design motifs. 


This item was handmade in a fair trade women's cooperative in India.  The artisans are paid fair wages, use sustainable materials and work in safe conditions.  They have seen their lives greatly improved through fair trade practices.

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