Alpaca/Wool Headband - Oatmeal, Peru

This beautiful headband is soft and cozy.  The headband is a blend of alpaca, merino wool and a bit of polyamide.  It features a decorative design on one side that can be worn in front or on the side of the head.  

Measures approximately 16" around by 5" wide

60% Alpaca, 30% merino wool, 10% polyamide


These alpaca products are hand knitted by women in the highlands of Peru.  The women work in small cooperatives in the Andes and are paid excellent wages.  Traditional, indigenous knitting techniques are combined with contemporary styles to create beautiful and warm winter wear.  Through the cooperatives the artisans receive consistent work, which has greatly improved their standard of living.  The women report feeling empowered by being able to contribute financially to their families.  They have flexible work schedules which enables them to care for their children while maintaining a steady income.  The alpacas are sheared at regular intervals during the year, so no animals are harmed during the process - this is a very sustainable practice.  The knitting techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, keeping cultural identity alive and thriving. 

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