Bulu Necklace - Sterling Silver, Indonesia

This beautiful necklace was handmade by talented silversmiths in Bali.  It features a sleek and elegant modern design, with a beautiful brushed silver finish.

Measures 1 5/8" long and 3/8" wide.

.925 sterling silver

18" sterling silver chain


This jewelry was designed and handcrafted by a close-knit group of artisans who live and work together on a family compound in Bali.  Bali silversmiths are renowned for a traditional and unique filigree style; these artisans pride themselves on honoring their culture while incorporating an innovative and modern touch with each piece they create.  The intricate filigree styles are handmade by the women in the group.  As one of the men in the community stated with a laugh: "the men don't have the patience." 

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