Mini Catch the Wave Grass Purse - Red, Cambodia

This fabulous bag is the smaller version of our popular Catch the Wave model.  Crafted by women in a fair trade cooperative in Cambodia, it is handwoven using local grasses and vegetable dyes.  This design has a unique curved shaped which is both stylish and comfortable to wear.  The strap can be converted to be worn as a double strap on the shoulder, as a single cross body strap or detached to use as a clutch.  The red accent beads on the zipper pull can be removed if desired.

This purse is very firm and durable - it will last many years and retain its shape.  Each one comes with a brochure with photos of the artisans and weaving process.

Measures 8.5" x 3.5" x 6"


Photo courtesy of Baskets of Cambodia

This purse is handmade in a fair trade cooperative in Cambodia.  Baskets of Cambodia has been working with local artisans since 1996, paying them well above market rates and providing health insurance, no-interest loans, education and yearly dividends.  There are approximately 400 artisans working with them now and they are all master weavers, hence the extraordinary quality of the work.  

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