Reina Earrings, Guatemala

We're crazy about this new design - a vintage yet contemporary style made of scrolled silver wire and tiny glass beads.  The intricacy demonstrates the skilll of the talented artisans.  These are fit for a queen ("reina" in Spanish).

Measures 1 3/4" long.


This piece of jewelry is handmade by female artisans in a fair trade cooperative in the highlands of Guatemala.  The women earn fair wages, are treated with respect, and work in a safe and clean environment.  In addition, the mothers with children can work from their homes.  

Your purchase also supports the following initiatives in Guatemala: Pueblo a Pueblo, a community based charity that funds many grass root projects including child education and lunch programs as well as mother-infant care; Hospitalito Atitlan, the only hospital that cares for those living in the community where the artisans live; and Puerta Abierta, a free library that also offers reading classes.

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