Eco-Resin Heart Necklace, Colombia

This stunning necklace is handmade by women in a fair trade cooperative in Colombia out of renewable, plant, bio-based resins (see below for more details).  

This piece features a beautiful clear heart with specs of gold, forming a unique, contemporary design.  The heart pendant hangs on an angle on a gold chain.

Pendant measures approximately 1" x 1"

18" chain.


The artisans who make this jewelry live in the central mountainous Andean region of Colombia.  They are part of a fair trade cooperative where they are paid fair wages and work in safe, comfortable conditions. They use bio-based resins made from up-cycled or recycled materials that have been discarded.  As an example, they use pine bark that is stripped from pine trees that are being used for lumber.  Their process uses no petroleum-based products and greatly reduces their carbon footprint.

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