Free Bird Earrings, India

These beautiful little earrings are handmade by survivors of human trafficking in India.  They feature a small brass dove on a sterling silver ear wire.  The peace dove represents the freedom these women are now experiencing.  Wear these earrings with pride or give them as a gift to spread the message of freedom and bring awareness to this very important social issue.  These are a great choice for those who prefer a minimalist style, as they are quite small.

Brass; Sterling silver

Earrings measure approximately 1" long including ear wire.

Dove measures approximately 3/8" in diameter (very small).

This makes a stunning set with our Free Bird Necklace.


This piece of jewelry was handmade in a fair trade women's cooperative in India by courageous female artisans who are now free.  The organization that works with them donates 100% of the proceeds to providing a safe haven for the women and offering healthcare, education, job training and employment. The women are learning a trade that empowers them to remain free forever from abuse.  They are paid wages well above even traditional fair trade standards. This is truly a purchase with a purpose.

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