Freebird Earrings, India

These gorgeous sterling silver earrings are made by survivors of human trafficking!   The peaceful doves hang at the end of a long silver wire, creating an elegant, yet sophisticated look.  Wear these earrings with pride or give them as a gift to spread the message of freedom and bring awareness to this very important social issue!

The company that works with the survivors donates 100% of the proceeds to providing a safe haven for the women and providing healthcare, education, job training and employment.  The women are learning a trade that empowers them to remain free forever from abuse!  They are paid wages well above even traditional fair trade standards.  This is truly a purchase with a purpose!

The Freebird Earrings are a symbolic representation of what the Women's Peace Collection is all about!

Measures 1 7/8" long including ear wires.

Dove charm is 5/8".