Unisex Leather Wrap Bracelet, Guatemala

Looking for something for the guy?  This leather wrap bracelet, handmade in a fair trade cooperative in Guatemala, fits the bill.  It features a soft leather cord with metal accents and wraps around the wrist 3 times.  It will fit women with large wrists as well.

Measures 24" long.


This artisan cooperative was started in 2004 with the aim to shift the community from a "cycle of poverty" to a "cycle of prosperity."  The artisans are paid fair wages and have seen their standard of living greatly improve through the sale of their handicrafts.  In the voice of one of the women:

“I believe that all women in the world are capable of doing anything they want, and in everything we do - we do with love. I value my work, and this work is the way to make my dreams come true. I have big dreams for my family.”
— Matilda

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