Nature's Gift Indigo Crinkle Scarf - Diamond, India

This stunning scarf is handmade in India using natural indigo dye and a block print design on 100% cotton fabric.  The crinkle design makes it easy to wear - just wrap it around your neck and go - no ironing ever.  Its generous width provides winter warmth.

Approximately 77" long and 42" wide if crinkles are stretched out.  When crinkles are left in, it naturally falls about 26" wide.

Please note:  due to the natural dye we recommend rinsing the scarf with cold water before wearing.  Simply wring dry and it will retain the crinkle shape.  If you desire a traditional scarf it can be ironed smooth.


Our indigo scarves are handmade by women in a fair trade cooperative in India.  The women use traditional Indian block printing design techniques and the scarves are dyed with just the natural indigo plant.  This gives them a lovely aroma of indigo.

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