Safe Refuge Scarf/Wrap - Black Swirl, Kenya

This stunning scarf was handmade by refugee women in Kenya who have been orphaned and separated from their families.  The versatile scarf is very soft and can be worn year round in a variety of ways: around the neck, wrapped around the shoulders or as a sarong type wrap for the beach.  It is hand dyed using an age-old, traditional African technique called resist dying.  This one is black and white with a slightly bluish tinge.

Please note:  Due to the handmade nature of this scarf, design patterns may vary slightly.  

Comes with an informational tag signed by the artisan.

Measures:  88" x 32"

100% Rayon


This scarf was handmade by female refugees in a fair trade women's cooperative in Kenya.  The refugees are young women who have been separated from their families in Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, DR Congo and Burundi. They have been exposed to war, violence, conflict and terrorism and the the majority of the women have been sexually exploited in some manner.  Heshima Kenya, the non-profit working with the women, provides an extraordinary number of services for the women.  In addition to the scarf-making enterprise which provides them with a source of income, the women receive shelter, medical care, counseling and education.

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