Flower Blossom Silk Purse - Black, Vietnam

These charming draw string silk purses are crafted by a woman’s cooperative on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Each is distinctively embroidered with tiny flower blossoms both on the silk fabric and the handles. There is an inside zippered pocket. 

10″ x7″ 

The Story

Silk weaving was almost destroyed during years of war and has now been revitalized into a vibrant craft industry. Considered women’s work, there are now many silk weaving village centers where talented spinners and weavers gather to develop this artform and earn a dignified livelihood. Today, Vietnamese artists are committed to preserving their highly prized craft traditions, many of which were almost lost during the Vietnam War. It has often been women who have been the keepers of the ancient art of thread spinning, weaving, dyeing and embroidery.

Today, you will find many craftswomen who support their families through this traditional art form, choosing to remain in their remote mountain village homes rather than moving to the cities to seek employment. Through the Summer Evening Purse initiative we are able to finance production, offer the women a viable means to earn a dignified livelihood whilst they remain in their homes, and connect them to audiences in the United States who value the sheer beauty of their artistic creation. 

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