Tagua Splash Earrings - Blue, Colombia

Handcrafted by female artisans in Colombia they are made from tagua nuts, an ecological alternative to ivory. The tagua nut comes from the Ivory-nut Palm Tree in areas throughout the Amazon rainforest. Once dried, the nut can be carved and is then colored with non-toxic dyes and hand polished.  Each piece of tagua is individually carved and dyed, so while similar, no two pairs will be exactly alike.

Please note:  Some pieces will have the blue on top whereas others will feature the green on top. Please make an order note if you have a preference.

Measures approximately 1" around.

The Colombian artisans who make these earrings have found their lives vastly improved through Fair Trade business practices. Your purchase enhances the well-being of the women and their families, as well as promoting ecological sustainability.

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