Tagua Splash Earrings - Green, Colombia

This smaller version of our tagua earrings will go with any of our tagua necklaces or look great on their own.  Like all tagua jewelry, they are colorful, eco-friendly, lightweight and fun to wear.

Measures approximately 1" around.

Handcrafted by female artisans in Colombia they are made from tagua nuts, an ecological alternative to ivory. The tagua nut comes from the Ivory-nut Palm Tree in areas throughout the Amazon rainforest. Once dried, the nut can be carved and is then colored with non-toxic dyes and hand polished.  Each piece of tagua is individually carved and dyed, so while similar, no two pairs will be exactly alike.

The Colombian artisans who make these earrings have found their lives vastly improved through Fair Trade business practices. Your purchase enhances the well-being of the women and their families, as well as promoting ecological sustainability.

Approximately 1"

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