Thin Coil Banana Fiber Basket - Orange/Blue, Uganda

This stunning basket is handwoven by women in Uganda using sustainably sourced banana fiber, raffia and azo-free dyes. This version is our highest quality basket as the coils are thinner and more tightly woven, thus it takes longer to weave.

The weavers make each basket from home while tending to other household duties.  Baskets can take days to weeks to complete with artists weaving 3 or so hours per day while balancing other responsibilities.  The exquisite colors and superb weaving makes this one truly special.

Measures approximately 13" in diameter by 3" high (this is a shallow bowl basket).

Comes with 2 loops on the back for hanging.


This basket was handmade in a fair trade women's cooperative in Uganda.  With a mission to help vulnerable women by providing opportunities for income, our weaving partners sell crafts both locally and internationally. In addition to earning a fair income, women are also provided with opportunities to be educated about personal health, family planning, hygiene and HIV/AIDS education for the betterment of their families.  These women are superbly talented weavers who are continuing a tradition that has been passed down through the generations.

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