Trendy Triangle Ear Jackets, Thailand

These on trend earrings are beautiful and fun to wear.  They feature a 2-piece brass triangle ear jacket - one part goes in front of the ear lobe and the other in back (see model photo). You can also wear the tiny triangle in front as a stud alone. 

Hanging length for both pieces is approximately 1" long.

Small triangle measures 1/4" across and larger triangle is 1/2" wide.


This piece of jewelry was handmade in a small fair trade cooperative in Thailand.  The artisans are paid a living wage and are empowered in their work.  An emphasis is made on ensuring that their traditional crafts are preserved and celebrated.  This unique jewelry combines ethnic and contemporary designs to create an innovative look.  All materials are ethically sourced and natural, and are procured locally whenever possible.  The artisans are highly skilled in their craft, and being part of a fair trade cooperative has enabled them to expand their market to the west.

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