XO Bracelet - Silver, Nepal

This contemporary, sleek, on trend bracelet is both sophisticated and sweet.  It is handmade in a fair trade cooperative in Nepal out of mixed metals and features an X and O design - perfect for your loved one.  It adjusts to fit most wrists and looks great alone or layered with your favorite bracelets or our XO Bracelet in gold as shown.

2mm round band.  Approximately 2.75" in diameter.

Due to the handmade nature of this bracelet, please allow for variations in finishing.

Makes a great gift set with our XO Earrings in silver.


This piece of jewelry is one of the occasional products we carry that is handmade by men. Not only is the craftsmanship superb, the cause behind it fits so beautifully with our mission.  And the Chief Financial Officer of the artisan group is a woman named Julia, who is a major advocate for the women's equality movement in Nepal.

Women's Peace Collection is committed to selling products made by survivors of human trafficking and we recently learned that there is another type of slavery that involves men.  In the last few years nearly 2 million men in Nepal have been tricked into indentured servitude.  Unable to find employment in Nepal, they are told that there are construction jobs in countries such as Saudi Arabia, but when they arrive they are forced into slavery and sometime do not survive.  This has also left many villages in Nepal devoid of men, which in turn puts the women there more at risk for trafficking.

The artisans who handcraft this jewelry are skilled metal smiths who work in excellent conditions, receive fair wages and are true artists as well as craftsmen.

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