Alpaca Cotton Baby Hat - Snow, Peru


This precious baby hat is handmade in Peru out of the finest, most luxurious baby alpaca fiber and pima cotton.  Alpaca is free of lanolin and therefore is super soft, hypoallergenic and non-itchy - perfect for babies.  

75% baby alpaca, 25% pima cotton


This alpaca accessory is handmade by women in a fair trade cooperative in the Peruvian highlands.  The alpaca is sourced from family alpaca herders, and the spinners use traditional hand spinners to turn it into yarn.  It is then hand knit by women in small farming communities outside Ollantaytambo.

The women in the cooperative not only receive fair wages but are taught business skills, product development, and quality control.  They are becoming self-sufficient and gradually earning their way out of poverty.  This is true fair trade in action.

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