fair trade artisan wendy
We are guided by the principles of fair trade, compassionate commerce, and a commitment to empower women through sustainable enterprise.

The Women's Peace collection is a social enterprise that helps women around the world realize their dreams and create a better life for themselves and their families. We offer a meaningful collection of handmade jewelry, accessories, and gifts created by talented artisans in over 12 countries across the globe. These women are following their dreams of being self sufficient entrepreneurs and giving their families a life filled with prosperity and peace. We provide them an avenue to sell their work, allowing them to reach a larger audience.

In some cases we work directly with the artisans and in others we partner with leading non-profit organizations and fair trade suppliers whose mission to support women in vulnerable regions of the world aligns with our own.  In all cases the products we sell are ethically sourced from cooperatives, organizations, and enterprises that adhere to fair trade principles.

We believe that women who are offered the opportunity to pursue their dreams experience a sense of value and self worth that can transform their lives.  We also believe that investing in women lays the foundation for prosperity and peace in communities across the world. The Women's Peace Collection is a testament to the hopeful vision that women's hands are a force for peace.