Inspiring Others to Live Fair

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If you have been purchasing from Women's Peace Collection we assume that you are already familiar with the concept of Fair Trade.  We are ecstatic that you are part of our journey to living a fair life. October is Fair Trade Month, so we wanted to share some thoughts with you about how to inspire others to choose fair trade and live a socially conscious lifestyle.  

Fast fashion and mass-produced products, unfortunately, predominate over ethically-made items. This is because most people settle for what is readily available off the rack, at as low a price as possible.  As consumers we are used to behaving as if this is the norm.  

Though shifting our mindset towards shopping wisely and ethically does not happen overnight, taking up the challenge has merit in and of itself. The decision to choose fair trade stems from one’s awareness that our choices affect both people and the planet. 

Championing fair trade does not have to be a grand gesture. Believe us!  Changing people's mindsets about fair trade starts with acknowledging that change begins with oneself. It sounds like a daunting task but you really can inspire others through your own fair trade journey. 

Your Fair Trade Story 

Motivating others to choose fair trade shouldn’t be limited to Fair Trade Month. It takes continuous effort and dedication. Again, we would like to reiterate that you do not need to resort to a massive campaign to do so.  Simply put, your own story can move others to make the shift. 

We are not talking about hard-selling the fair trade concept. Instead, you can entice others through your authenticity in doing what you do. In a society where social media becomes an outlet to show the “perfect life,” more and more individuals are searching for honesty and integrity, online and offline.  

Word of Mouth is the Best Form of Marketing

We influence people through our everyday interactions and through our words. Language is intrinsic to humankind. We have developed through evolution a language that connects us with our community.  And the same is true today. We use language to communicate with our loved ones, friends, and the world. 

With this in mind, use this natural gift to influence others to join your cause for fair trade. What is marketing but a way to influence others' decisions?  By authentically and passionately sharing your journey in your own words, you can inspire one person at a time. Start within your household and work towards positively influencing your family.  Eventually, as you live your values more and more, it’s impossible not to spark the same light in people in your community. 

For example, when a friend visits your home and compliments you on a fair trade item, use this opportunity to talk about where you purchased this piece and the story behind it. The same thing applies to when people notice your ethically-made clothes, jewelry, and accessories. You have already caught their attention— so use the situation as a conversation starter. 

If you're on social media share your favorite fair trade brands with your followers. Who knows, people from your network may become interested and check out the brands you recommend?  One day, you’ll wake up and see your circle of influence growing outwards! 

You Are What You Preach

So remember, if you want others to change, it should always start with you. The only way we can live a life that is fair is by living it authentically. Our way of living sets the perfect example for others to follow.

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Ways To Brighten Your Home

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As we grow older and hopefully, wiser, we begin to understand more of our preferences, which include our aesthetics. Our values inform our choices — down to what we want to surround us in our homes. 

In this post, we want to share with you ways to brighten your home by carefully reflecting on your values and aesthetics. 

Now that working remotely is a trend, many of us spend more of our waking lives in our homes. Whether you live in a studio, a house in the suburbs, or an apartment in the city, every crevice and corner of your home breathes energy. Each area can arouse a certain mood and feeling. 

For example, have you ever noticed how much a space can elevate or dampen your mood? Do you remember walking into someone else’s home and intuitively feeling the vibe of the space? Even more, if you have a keen eye, you will notice details that will give you an idea of the homeowner’s personality and character.  You see, our homes reveal so much about us. 

Are you ready to add life, color, and personality to your home? Here are some ways to get on it! 

Start by writing down your home improvement goals. 

Sit down and list the key purpose for each area of your home. Ask yourself what you value most.  Do you want to simplify your space? Are you thinking of making each area functional?  By writing down your goals, you are outlining your expectations while reflecting on the necessary steps to achieve them. 

Work with what you have. 

You might think a total overhaul is what you need to better your space— but you can do home improvements without breaking the bank. Work with what you already have and find creative ways to upgrade each area. Perhaps a simple repainting or refurbishing of a piece of old furniture can achieve the look that you are after. 

Have fun creating a vision board. 

A vision board, to put it simply, will help you visualize and get a clearer picture of the whole look you are after. You can play around with different home inspirations that you’ve researched. Have fun working on the visual representation of your goals and dreams! 

Add home accents that show your vision and personality. 

The best way to improve your home’s look is by adding accents here and there. Find home accents that speak to you. Forget about popular trends and choose a style that brings a smile to your face and reflects your values. Remember to beautify your home with decor that makes your heart skip! 

Little improvements come a long way. 

Gradually work on your goals and vision board. You do not have to do it all in one go! Enjoy the process of getting to know each space of your home. In this way, you are consciously part of the process. Such awareness brings far greater gratification. 

Eyes are in the beauty of the beholder. When doing home improvements, think of how those improvements serve you instead of what people will say about your home.  And as always, consider your values each step of the way so your home reflects who you are and what you believe in.

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Women’s Month: #BreaktheBias

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As individuals, he/him, she/her or they/them, we have all faced a form of bias in our lives. We have been both the victims and the perpetrators of biases. It’s not entirely our fault as our biases have been embedded in our consciousness since birth. Most of us are unconscious of those biases and we go about our lives interacting with others from our communities and in the workplace carrying these prejudices on our back.

While the theme of Women’s Month is breaking the biases towards women from all parts of the world, this celebration is also a call for gender equality for everyone— young or old. To break the biases the whole community and every single individual must be involved. The first step, however, is to recognize that we are a walking checklist of prejudices and biases. 

Breaking free begins with you. 

From this acceptance, we begin the true change that starts within us. We become cognizant of our thoughts and beliefs that are translated into our words and actions.  In short, we walk the talk— we practice what we preach. This starts with deep introspection. For example, we can ask ourselves, “how do I treat my female versus male friends or colleagues?,” or "am I judging someone because of their race, sexual orientation or age?”  By answering these simple questions, you begin to dissect where your own biases come from. 

It’s easy to ride the bandwagon to fight for equality for women but the question is, are we all walking the talk?  Once we admit to our own biases, we can dig into the causes that formed these prejudices. In this light, we become active participants in the unfolding of a new transformation to fight against inequality. 

As Roberston Davies puts it– “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” May his beautiful words of wisdom guide you as you open your heart and mind to #BreaktheBias.

Find out more about this year’s Women’s Month theme here

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A More Inclusive Valentine's Day Celebration

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For some, Valentine’s Day has become a tradition, especially when in a relationship.  Gift-giving is one form of “love language.” However, there are other ways you can show your love for others in addition to buying them mindful gifts. To make Valentine’s Day more meaningful we believe even small intentional acts can showcase how much you care. Moreover, we also think that we should acknowledge and celebrate all forms of love this Valentine’s Day. Don’t you think? 

Here are some simple ways you can celebrate your loved ones (not only on Valentine’s Day):

Prepare a simple breakfast! 

Start the morning right and let your loved ones wake up to a hearty meal. It doesn’t have to be grand but your intention in putting in the effort to cook and prepare the table makes a huge difference. Enjoy the morning meal while taking this moment to check in with each other. 

Add an “us” time to your busy schedule. 

It’s always healthy to create special time and space to spend with your loved ones. The longer we are in a relationship, the more we need to intentionally carve out time to reconnect and just be present together. Breakaway from your gadgets. Instead, really be there and have a meaningful conversation about life. Live for the moment because, really, that’s all we have. 

Say “thank you” followed by “ I love you.” 

Make it a habit to express your gratitude and love aloud. Saying those two words can make your loved ones feel more appreciated and assured. There are people who are more auditory and if your partner is one, saying these words will mean a lot. Being deeply connected with others means understanding and accepting them no matter how different they are from you.

Revisit your bucket list. 

Do you have a bucket list shared with your significant other? Have you tucked away this list and completely forgotten about it because life became busier? Maybe it's time to revisit this it and if needed adjust it to the new goals you have with your partner. Then begin again and enjoy checking things off the list together.

Practice smiling in the morning. 

Think of it this way, you are sending heaps of love to the universe when you wake up with a smile. When you are in this state, it is impossible not to share the same ardor with your loved ones. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by a beautiful smile in the morning? We know we do. 

As a social and thinking being, we cannot deny that we need others to keep living. Marisa Peer, a renowned therapist, author and inspirational speaker, says that we carry the experiences of our ancestors in our DNA — way back to when humans lived out in the wild. We needed our tribe to survive. As we evolved throughout history, we carried this trait and need to be surrounded by others. 

Remember that love is transcendental. What does this mean? Love goes beyond language and material things. We can’t really define the immensity of what love is but for sure, showing our love can be expressed in our interaction, intention, and actions all year round. 

Your impact on others is far bigger than you think. You might not know it but a conversation with a loved one has made their day. Your smile made them smile. The kind words you have uttered brought them inspiration. A single act of kindness has warmed their hearts and a listening ear has made them feel important. 

So go ahead and keep on spreading the love, in your own unique way. 

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Self-Care Strategies For The New Year

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Happy new year!

How did you fare in the self-care department last year? Was taking care of yourself part of your goals? If you were to rate your self-care practice from 1-10 with 10 as the highest, how would you rate yourself? 

Oftentimes, we are willing to be with others and yet we fail to give ourselves a much-needed break.  We take ourselves for granted, when in fact, self-care should be on the top of our list. The good news is it’s never too late to create new habits that address our holistic well-being. 

Start the New Year by incorporating any of these self-care practices that we’ve rounded up for you! 

Start your day right

Recall the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning. Do you reach out for your phone to check social media or your emails? Instead of doing so, how about allotting at least 15- 30 minutes of your time to fully wake up and process what you are going to do for the rest of the day by yourself.  Whether it’s preparing your breakfast, watering your plants, meditating or taking a leisurely walk, as long as you are in the moment doing these activities, go ahead! Activities that allow you to exercise being in the present help you set the tone for the day. 

Sweat it all out 

Our brains produce “happy” chemicals whenever we do physical activities. Make it a habit to squeeze a simple workout into your day. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown workout right away. Explore different physical activities that will make you sweat. The important thing is that you are able to commit to the regimen even on those busy days. Consistency is the key! 

Invest in your personal growth and development

Learning is a never-ending process.  As human beings, we have an innate calling for knowledge— this thirst is part of our blueprint!  Take an online course that you are drawn to in your free time or pick up a book during the weekend. You can also join immersive programs if you feel you will learn more through hands-on experience. 

Take up a hobby 

Engage in a hobby. Hobbies are great for your mental health. Use this time to do things that give you pleasure like photography, playing an instrument, gardening, or whatever strikes your fancy. Having a hobby is a great way for you to set a balance between work and your personal life— most importantly, it’s a break from your daily routine. 

Walk barefoot and hug a tree

We sometimes forget that we are part of nature. Walking barefoot and hugging a tree can help us ground ourselves and remind us that we are part of mother nature. This simple practice will remind you that you are connected to everything around you. Such an acknowledgement gives us a sense of harmony with our surroundings instead of feeling alienated as a result of modern living.  

Shift to a sustainable lifestyle  

Have you been meaning to shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle? Start by mindfully investing your time in finding ways to reduce waste that’s detrimental to the planet. For example, say goodbye to plastic straws or disposable plastic bags. Use reusable utensils instead of plastic when you head out for a picnic. You can be your own eco-warrior one step at a time.  

Prepare your own food

There is so much joy generated from mindfully preparing your food.  Take time to go to the farmer's market in warmer weather. You can also directly buy from farmers and ask them how they grow your food.  With this in mind, preparing your food becomes a type of gratitude ritual. 

Create your “me” space at home

This can be tough especially when you share the space with your family or a roommate. Even if you have a small space, try to find a nook that you can call your own. Though we are social beings, time for ourselves is needed for introspection so that we can process our experiences, emotions, and thoughts. Use this space for meditation, a hobby, or whatever feeds your soul. If you live with others, let them know that this is your sacred space. This is also a great way to teach others to respect boundaries and privacy. 

The more that you pay attention to yourself, the more you can be there for others in return. Always remember that you cannot create space for others if you have no space for yourself. 

May you have a wonderful year filled with lots of self-care, self-love and creative, quiet time!

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Remembering Human Rights Day

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On December 10, 2021, the world comes together to honor Human Rights Day. This year the theme centers on equality. This celebration is a reminder that as human beings we are all born free and are entitled to equal rights and a dignified life.

Equality and non-discrimination are at the pulse of human rights. Beyond Human Rights Day, we should all be reminded of this principle. In our own way, we can be an agent of change to find solutions to issues that are rooted in discrimination that is pervasive across all communities. 

You might think to yourself that this is such an overwhelming task, but we are reminded of this beautiful quote from David Mitchell, “My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?” 

Every act of goodwill spurs another! With this in mind, you can promote equality in your own little way. How do you start? Here are some simple ways: 

  • Challenge your own values! Whether you like it or not, we are nurtured by a society with a set of values and beliefs including prejudices that we may not be aware of. By checking in with ourselves and challenging our own preconceived truths about people, we begin to embody equality, inclusion, and non-discrimination. 
  • Love to read?  Add literature on Human Rights to your reading list! 
  • Are you an entrepreneur selling products or services?  Support cooperatives that employ people who are part of vulnerable groups. You can also tweak your human resources to be more inclusive by listening to your employees on how to improve a work environment that promotes equality. 
  • As a student, stand up against stereotyping by being open to a new friendship. Who knows, maybe that’s what “that” single person in your class needs the most! 
  • Support brands that are investing in the work of disadvantaged communities. For example, here at Women’s Peace Collection, we work with different cooperatives comprised of marginalized women across the globe. 
  • Use your voice!  Many of you are on social media, so you can spread awareness about human rights by sharing your thoughts with your followers and friends. Dedicate an Instagram story or a post feed to it from time to time. It’s up to you! 
  • Smile. A smile can brighten up your day and someone else’s. That single act of greeting another with a smile is a form of respect and acknowledgment— no strings attached!  So smile because that’s what this world needs right now. 

 By embodying the spirit of respect for all life, you are creating a ripple effect on a personal level— so never ever think little of yourself. You are made to make a mark in this world in your own way! 

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Mindful Ways to Celebrate this Holiday Season

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And just like that, it’s the holiday season when everyone is brought together by a collective celebration. It’s been a fruitful year for us in the midst of the pandemic that hit the world last year. We have made it this far because of your support and we can’t thank you enough!

The call for mindfulness has never been so imperative, as we are all seeing the impact of our habits, decisions, and actions on both people and the environment. Though we have a long way to go, small acts guided by conscious awareness is a big leap for humanity. 

Here are some ways for you to enjoy this season in a more mindful way: 

Learn to Pause 

We always have an excuse that we are “busy.” It’s no surprise, since we are expected to be productive ALL the time. The more you tick off your checklist, the more you feel you have accomplished. The result, however, is that we no longer have the time to pause and just be still. We set aside  “vacation mode” to enjoy the liberty of being off the grid.  BUT here’s the thing--- if we change our mindset, we can experience peaceful, quiet time even on our so-called regular, mediocre days. Not everything on your daily checklist is as important as you think! 

And with the holidays just around the corner, many of us feel that more is being asked of us. We end up tired instead of being relaxed after the holidays. Allow yourself to pause and breathe. You can allot a few minutes daily to tune out from the outer world. Enjoy the stillness and the present moment. 

Tip: You can even start a gratitude journal!  Writing down what you are grateful for gives you insight on how much beauty life has to give. 

Declutter Before You Decide on a New Purchase 

Before you take advantage of all the on-going holiday sales from your favorite ethical brands, take a look at what you already have and don’t have. We accumulate so much stuff throughout our lives and without knowing, we’ve spent money on things we don’t really use. They end up tucked away in our storage spaces completely forgotten. If you really think about it, decluttering is more than about cleaning your space. It’s a way of letting go of you what no longer serves you and making space for something that is meaningful. Also, remember that behind the products that you purchase are the collective effort of people, not to mention the resources that were used to make an item.

Invest in Ethically Made Home Decorations 

It’s a tradition to decorate our homes to celebrate the holiday season. Sadly though, we generate so much waste, which includes holiday decorations. We encourage you to reuse or recycle the ones you have been using for the previous years. You can even get creative and find ways to decorate without having to succumb to on trend holiday decor. Better yet, invest in ethically-made and sustainable holiday home decorations! Make sure that you store them afterwards so you can use them in subsequent celebrations. 

Spend on Gifts that Matter 

Treat your loved ones to ethical, sustainable, handmade gifts!  Show your support to your favorite fair trade brands by shopping for gifts that reflect the values that you believe in. Before buying a gift though, make sure that the items you purchase are something that the receiver will use. In this way, you are also showing how much thought you put into looking for gifts that matter

Tip: Creatively wrap your gifts using recycled paper and ribbons! Show your knack for gift wrapping using repurposed materials instead of spending on new gift wrap. 

As you celebrate this holiday season, we are inviting you to practice mindfulness. True change starts with ourselves and by living a life of mindfulness, you eventually influence others, taking one small step towards changing the world!

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