Ways To Brighten Your Home

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As we grow older and hopefully, wiser, we begin to understand more of our preferences, which include our aesthetics. Our values inform our choices — down to what we want to surround us in our homes. 

In this post, we want to share with you ways to brighten your home by carefully reflecting on your values and aesthetics. 

Now that working remotely is a trend, many of us spend more of our waking lives in our homes. Whether you live in a studio, a house in the suburbs, or an apartment in the city, every crevice and corner of your home breathes energy. Each area can arouse a certain mood and feeling. 

For example, have you ever noticed how much a space can elevate or dampen your mood? Do you remember walking into someone else’s home and intuitively feeling the vibe of the space? Even more, if you have a keen eye, you will notice details that will give you an idea of the homeowner’s personality and character.  You see, our homes reveal so much about us. 

Are you ready to add life, color, and personality to your home? Here are some ways to get on it! 

Start by writing down your home improvement goals. 

Sit down and list the key purpose for each area of your home. Ask yourself what you value most.  Do you want to simplify your space? Are you thinking of making each area functional?  By writing down your goals, you are outlining your expectations while reflecting on the necessary steps to achieve them. 

Work with what you have. 

You might think a total overhaul is what you need to better your space— but you can do home improvements without breaking the bank. Work with what you already have and find creative ways to upgrade each area. Perhaps a simple repainting or refurbishing of a piece of old furniture can achieve the look that you are after. 

Have fun creating a vision board. 

A vision board, to put it simply, will help you visualize and get a clearer picture of the whole look you are after. You can play around with different home inspirations that you’ve researched. Have fun working on the visual representation of your goals and dreams! 

Add home accents that show your vision and personality. 

The best way to improve your home’s look is by adding accents here and there. Find home accents that speak to you. Forget about popular trends and choose a style that brings a smile to your face and reflects your values. Remember to beautify your home with decor that makes your heart skip! 

Little improvements come a long way. 

Gradually work on your goals and vision board. You do not have to do it all in one go! Enjoy the process of getting to know each space of your home. In this way, you are consciously part of the process. Such awareness brings far greater gratification. 

Eyes are in the beauty of the beholder. When doing home improvements, think of how those improvements serve you instead of what people will say about your home.  And as always, consider your values each step of the way so your home reflects who you are and what you believe in.

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