Inspiring Others to Live Fair

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If you have been purchasing from Women's Peace Collection we assume that you are already familiar with the concept of Fair Trade.  We are ecstatic that you are part of our journey to living a fair life. October is Fair Trade Month, so we wanted to share some thoughts with you about how to inspire others to choose fair trade and live a socially conscious lifestyle.  

Fast fashion and mass-produced products, unfortunately, predominate over ethically-made items. This is because most people settle for what is readily available off the rack, at as low a price as possible.  As consumers we are used to behaving as if this is the norm.  

Though shifting our mindset towards shopping wisely and ethically does not happen overnight, taking up the challenge has merit in and of itself. The decision to choose fair trade stems from one’s awareness that our choices affect both people and the planet. 

Championing fair trade does not have to be a grand gesture. Believe us!  Changing people's mindsets about fair trade starts with acknowledging that change begins with oneself. It sounds like a daunting task but you really can inspire others through your own fair trade journey. 

Your Fair Trade Story 

Motivating others to choose fair trade shouldn’t be limited to Fair Trade Month. It takes continuous effort and dedication. Again, we would like to reiterate that you do not need to resort to a massive campaign to do so.  Simply put, your own story can move others to make the shift. 

We are not talking about hard-selling the fair trade concept. Instead, you can entice others through your authenticity in doing what you do. In a society where social media becomes an outlet to show the “perfect life,” more and more individuals are searching for honesty and integrity, online and offline.  

Word of Mouth is the Best Form of Marketing

We influence people through our everyday interactions and through our words. Language is intrinsic to humankind. We have developed through evolution a language that connects us with our community.  And the same is true today. We use language to communicate with our loved ones, friends, and the world. 

With this in mind, use this natural gift to influence others to join your cause for fair trade. What is marketing but a way to influence others' decisions?  By authentically and passionately sharing your journey in your own words, you can inspire one person at a time. Start within your household and work towards positively influencing your family.  Eventually, as you live your values more and more, it’s impossible not to spark the same light in people in your community. 

For example, when a friend visits your home and compliments you on a fair trade item, use this opportunity to talk about where you purchased this piece and the story behind it. The same thing applies to when people notice your ethically-made clothes, jewelry, and accessories. You have already caught their attention— so use the situation as a conversation starter. 

If you're on social media share your favorite fair trade brands with your followers. Who knows, people from your network may become interested and check out the brands you recommend?  One day, you’ll wake up and see your circle of influence growing outwards! 

You Are What You Preach

So remember, if you want others to change, it should always start with you. The only way we can live a life that is fair is by living it authentically. Our way of living sets the perfect example for others to follow.

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