Sacagawea Figurine, Kyrgyzstan

Sacagawea, born into the Lemhe Shoshone tribe, traveled with the Lewis and Clark expedition to help establish cultural contacts with Native American people, and contributed to the expedition's knowledge of natural history in different regions.  The National American Women Suffrage Association of the early 20th century adopted her as a symbol of women's worth and independence. 

Note the superb attention to detail in the felting, including the baby on her back. 

Measures approximately 4.5" tall.


This ornament was handmade in a fair trade women's cooperative in Kyrgyzstan.  The women were facing unemployment, severe poverty and economic depression, when 15 years ago the cooperative was formed, giving the artisans a global market for their extraordinary work.  They use traditional felting techniques with  contemporary designs to create stunning works of art.  The women receive fair wages, work in safe conditions, and are gradually finding their way out of poverty.

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