Kuni Salad Servers - Batik Inlay, Kenya

These salad severs, handmade in a fair trade cooperative in Kenya, are both beautiful and functional.  They are hand carved out of teak and feature a batiked bone inlay on handles.  The inlay is made from discarded animal bones which are "batiked" by placing wax on the white bone and then dipping it in black dye, resulting in unique patterns.

9" long

Please note:  The wood grain and batik design will vary on each pair.


These salad servers were hand carved in Kenya by a group of very talented artisans.  The woman pictured above, Mama Patricia, is in charge of the group.  She was widowed in 2001 and left with 2 small children.  Through her hard work she has helped create a thriving fair trade cooperative where all of the artisans are paid excellent wages and work in safe conditions.

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