Our Story

The Women’s Peace Collection was founded in 2005 as an enterprise that fully supports women around the world – as mothers, peace builders, entrepreneurs, and skilled artisans. The company is guided by the principles of fair trade, compassionate commerce and a commitment to empower women through sustainable enterprise.

We offer a meaningful collection of distinctive handmade items created by talented women who are rebuilding their lives in the shadows of war, civil strife or crippling poverty. They live in remote villages, cities, and refugee camps in areas of the world that are considered volatile and challenging. In some instances, the women are left to single handedly support their families, the men having disappeared or died in conflict. In others, the women work closely with the men and together they create family enterprises that support their dignity and well-being.

We partner with leading nonprofit organizations and fair trade suppliers whose mission to support women in vulnerable regions of the world resonates with our own. They ensure us that the products are ethically sourced from women’s cooperatives and enterprises.

In some instances, we work directly with the artisans and even offer the women specific design guidelines so that they can create products that reflect the discerning taste of our customers. On occasion we feature products made by men if they are committed to empowering the women and children in their family and community.

A woman who is offered the opportunity to actively engage in meaningful enterprise experiences a sense of value and self worth. No longer a victim of circumstances, she recognizes that it is her own spirit of resilience and resourcefulness that allows her – and her family – to step into their future with optimism. Her world transforms.

Investing in women lays the foundation for prosperity and peace in our world. Each item on The Women’s Peace Collection is a testament to this hopeful vision: women’s hands are a force for peace.

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