Allegra Basket, Guatemala

This stunning basket is designed and handcrafted by Mayan women in a fair trade cooperative in Guatemala.  It is intricately woven using long pine needles and raffia ribbon.  Sturdy and extremely well-made, it can be used to hold your treasures or displayed to show off its beautiful interior.  And it smells wonderful.

Pine needles and natural and dyed raffia.

Measures approximately 8.75" x 8.75,"10.5" including handles; 2.25" high

All of our products are shipped with cards containing information about fair trade and the corresponding artisan group.


The women who handcraft our pine needle baskets go out together, often to quite distant places, to collect the longest pine needles they can find and then stitch them together with raffia and native grasses. Working with fair trade, the women earn regular income, allowing them to feed their families, send their children to school and harbor hopes for a better future.

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