Alpaca/Wool Neck Warmer -Ash, Peru

This sumptuously soft neck warmer features an alpaca and highland wool blend.  This one is sure to keep you warm and cozy.

Considered by many a higher quality material than cashmere, alpaca is one of the world’s most valuable natural fibers. Just ask any Incan Emperor why only the royal families were allowed to wear it.  It is luxuriously soft, breathable, warm, lightweight and durable.  Best of all, it is a natural, eco-friendly fiber and the artisans are paid fair wages.  

50% alpaca, 50% highland wool.

Measures approximately 18" x 12"


This alpaca product is handmade in a fair trade cooperative in the highlands of Peru.  The talented artisans create extremely high quality products and are paid excellent wages.  The families have found their lives greatly improved by having a U.S. market to sell their goods, thus creating more economic prosperity and self reliance.  

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