Banana Fiber Basket - Fiesta, Uganda

This exquisite basket is handmade in a fair trade women's cooperative in Uganda.  It features a banana fiber base adorned with natural and dyed raffia ribbon.  Use it to hold your treasures or hang it on the wall as a stunning decoration.

Measures approximately 12" in diameter x  5 high.

Has a loop for hanging on the wall.


This basket was handwoven by women in a fair trade cooperative in central Uganda.  In addition to earning excellent wages, the women receive interest-free advance payment for the basket orders. Through sales of their products, nearly 80 basket weavers earn a steady income, enabling them to make decisions and be less dependent on men for access to food, shelter, health, and education for their children.  In addition, artisans in Uganda are involved in micro-financing, research, and lobbying for women's rights.

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