Bonita Jewel Anklet - Ruby, Guatemala

This elegant, delicate anklet may be that perfect piece of jewelry to pair with sandals at the beach this summer.  It is handcrafted from glass seed beads, Japanese Miyuki beads and cut crystal.  This one has a gorgeous combination of blues, reds, greens and pink with a gold frame.  The beaded pattern is wider on the front and narrows to a thinner strand near the clasp (see photos).  Looks great alone or paired with other colors.

Approximately 9" (not for very large ankles).

Width: 1/4" at widest point, 1/8" at narrowest.

Please note:  the bracelet is skinnier than it appears in the photos because it is amplified to show the colors.  The model photo, showing all 3 colors, is an accurate representation of the size.


The artisans who make this jewelry are part of a fair trade cooperative in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. The women are not only paid fair wages but are able to work from home so they can take care of their children while becoming financially independent. The cooperative has grown over the past 20 years to employ more and more women who are improving their lives and becoming self-sufficient.

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