Jewelry Travel Organizer - Small, Cambodia


This great little jewelry travel case is functional, beautiful, and of course fair trade. 

Earrings hang on the left, zip pocket below for rings/bracelets, and organize your necklaces on the right side: just snap them in, tuck them under the elastic, and put the pendant in the pouch so you can travel tangle-free. 

Made from handwoven organic cotton and screen printed with eco-friendly dyes. 

Measures 4.5" x 6.5".  Choose purple or navy blue design.


The women who make our jewelry rolls are part of a fair trade cooperative in Cambodia that focuses on providing work for women with disabilities, particularly Polio.  The artisans weave, sew, dye and silk screen the products using recycled, sustainable materials.  They earn 5x the average wage in Cambodia, and work together as a community with a family-like atmosphere.  They combine traditional crafts with contemporary designs to create stunning, high quality products.

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