Open Weave Cotton Scarf - Blue, Thailand

This gorgeous scarf is warm and soft.  It is hand woven in Thailand out of 100% cotton and is great as either a scarf or a shawl wrapped around the shoulders.

Measures 62" x 22" plus 1.5" of fringe.

100% cotton


This scarf is handwoven in a fair trade cooperative in Thailand.  The artisans use 100% locally grown cotton fibers in the production of all their textiles. Each step in the crafting process, from the spooling and dyeing of the yarns, to setting the weft and running the shuttle is done by hand in the traditional Thai style passed down through generations of weaving culture.

As opposed to many rural Thai needing to leave their families behind to seek work in larger cities, this local business allows the weavers to work on their own schedules and with their neighbors in their own beautiful mountainside community.  They are fairly paid and have seen their lives greatly improved through fair trade practices.

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