Recycled Sari Festivity Bracelet, India

This festive statement bracelet features  recycled sari fabric beads, metal beads and fabric scraps on a wire coil that wraps around the wrist. The artisans cover handmade wooden beads with recycled remnants of discarded vintage cotton saris and quilts.  The beads are made of discarded wood from a local furniture company, making these a truly repurposed item.  

Please note:  Each piece is unique, so while color patterns will be similar they may vary slightly.

All of our products are shipped with cards containing information about fair trade and the corresponding artisan group.


This jewelry is handmade by talented artisans in a fair trade cooperative in India.  The women are not only paid fair wages, but can work from home or bring their children to work, which makes facilitates earning capacity.  The jewelry is designed to combine traditional techniques with contemporary designs, supporting their cultural heritage and creative expression. The artisans, whom were struggling to find consistent work prior to the creation of the cooperative, have seen standard of living improve significantly.  

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