Spurtle Utensil Set of Three, Indonesia

What is a spurtle?  Originating in Scotland, a spurtle is a narrow wooden kitchen tool used for stirring, turning, flipping, mashing - you name it.  Sometimes referred to as a cross between a spoon and a spatula, these useful tools are a must-have for the kitchen.  These are made of teak and are hand cut, sanded and polished.

Largest utensil measures 12"L x 2 1/2"W.

All of our products are shipped with cards containing information about fair trade and the corresponding artisan group.


This item was handmade in a small, family-run fair trade cooperative in Bali.  The artisans live in remote villages, and are not only paid excellent wages but receive interest-free loans, business and computer training, and advances to purchase raw materials.  They combine traditional Balinese techniques with contemporary designs to create stunning products that appeal to the western marketplace, thus increasing their incomes.

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