Tagua Festivity Necklace, Ecuador

This stunning statement necklace features colorful pieces of the tagua nut on an adjustable cord.  Bright, colorful, cheerful and adjustable - this one looks great at any length.

The tagua nut comes from the Ivory-nut Palm Tree in areas throughout the Amazon rainforest.  Once dried, the nut can be carved and is then colored with non-toxic dyes and hand polished.  It is considered an ecological alternative to ivory and is very durable.

This necklace is adjustable up to 28" long.


This piece of jewelry was handmade in a fair trade cooperative in Ecuador.  The co-op has existed since 1990 and provides a fair, stable, consistent income for many artisans in rural areas who are able to work from home, rather than having to flee to the cities to find work. The artisans employ traditional techniques combined with contemporary designs to create beautiful, unique products.  They use natural, locally sourced materials in production.

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