Twin Engine Organic Coffee - Honey Bear, Nicaragua

If you love coffee and want to try a truly extraordinary roast, this one is for you.  Honey Bear Reserve, an ode to the artisanal ‘honey’ movement, was the first of its kind born in Nicaragua. Exhibiting this artisanal fruit-curing, Honey Bear is truly a reserve coffee. ‘Honeyed’ refers to the natural coffee drying process. To be clear, there is no honey added.

Just below the skin, similar to the best wine grapes, lies a thick layer of fruit surrounding two coffee plant seeds aka ‘beans’. Instead of spring water fermentation, the fruit-covered seeds are put in the sun for 7 days of drying. The coffee fruit melts in the sun like honey, curing the raw seeds and infusing a light natural sweetness. When roasted, the sweetness is subtle and the body is big. 

100% Organic Specialty Arabica, Medium Roasted, ground.

Approximately 30-35 cups.  10.5oz/300g.

USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade.  100% made at the source. 

Makes a fabulous gift set with our Coffeewood Mug Spoons - Set of 2.


This fair trade coffee is produced in a fair trade cooperative in Nicaragua.  The ultimate goal of the co-op is to stop poverty.  Twin Engine Coffee is among the first Origin Coffee Roasters in the world, crafting 100% Specialty Coffees, USDA Certified Organic & Fair Trade. The Twin Engine Coffee team grows, selects, roasts, & packs where the coffee grows. This simple shift “to the source” significantly increases the dollar amount that goes directly to the producers. Feel confident knowing that families & the mountain eco-systems get what they need. This is the story where your coffee is truly “local” and your community is global.

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