To Mothers Everywhere

Posted on May 14, 2017 by Susan Fish | 0 comments

I wanted to take a moment to wish all of the amazing mothers out there all across the globe a Happy Mother’s Day!   I spent the day with my wonderful husband and awesome sons, who now in their 20’s, treated me to the most incredible brunch I’ve ever had. I was reveling in the joys of motherhood and how grateful I am to have raised such gracious, socially responsible and thoughtful young men.

My husband and I spent yesterday vending at a festive event in Jamaica Plain, MA, (near Boston) called Wake Up the Earth, an annual festival with music, food and crafts celebrating the beginning of spring. We had a blast and Women’s Peace Collection’s mission and products were well received. What moved me most were the young boys/men and girls/women buying gifts for their mothers. I watched and listened to kids of all ages carefully selecting gifts that were not only beautiful for their moms but that were meaningful. These young folks had clearly been raised in socially conscious families and delighted in giving their moms something made by impoverished artisans, knowing they were helping others with their purchases. I do have hope for the next generation!

And of course there were numerous husbands and adults doing the same thing (yes, lots of last minute shoppers!). I truly do believe that most people love helping others and if we can all do so with our purchases by supporting fair trade artisans this world will be a better place for all. 

Last but not least, I think of and cherish my own 82 year old mother and recall all that she has done for us. When it comes down to it we human beings just want to love, help and support each other........don't you think?

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