Self-Care Strategies For The New Year

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Happy new year!

How did you fare in the self-care department last year? Was taking care of yourself part of your goals? If you were to rate your self-care practice from 1-10 with 10 as the highest, how would you rate yourself? 

Oftentimes, we are willing to be with others and yet we fail to give ourselves a much-needed break.  We take ourselves for granted, when in fact, self-care should be on the top of our list. The good news is it’s never too late to create new habits that address our holistic well-being. 

Start the New Year by incorporating any of these self-care practices that we’ve rounded up for you! 

Start your day right

Recall the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning. Do you reach out for your phone to check social media or your emails? Instead of doing so, how about allotting at least 15- 30 minutes of your time to fully wake up and process what you are going to do for the rest of the day by yourself.  Whether it’s preparing your breakfast, watering your plants, meditating or taking a leisurely walk, as long as you are in the moment doing these activities, go ahead! Activities that allow you to exercise being in the present help you set the tone for the day. 

Sweat it all out 

Our brains produce “happy” chemicals whenever we do physical activities. Make it a habit to squeeze a simple workout into your day. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown workout right away. Explore different physical activities that will make you sweat. The important thing is that you are able to commit to the regimen even on those busy days. Consistency is the key! 

Invest in your personal growth and development

Learning is a never-ending process.  As human beings, we have an innate calling for knowledge— this thirst is part of our blueprint!  Take an online course that you are drawn to in your free time or pick up a book during the weekend. You can also join immersive programs if you feel you will learn more through hands-on experience. 

Take up a hobby 

Engage in a hobby. Hobbies are great for your mental health. Use this time to do things that give you pleasure like photography, playing an instrument, gardening, or whatever strikes your fancy. Having a hobby is a great way for you to set a balance between work and your personal life— most importantly, it’s a break from your daily routine. 

Walk barefoot and hug a tree

We sometimes forget that we are part of nature. Walking barefoot and hugging a tree can help us ground ourselves and remind us that we are part of mother nature. This simple practice will remind you that you are connected to everything around you. Such an acknowledgement gives us a sense of harmony with our surroundings instead of feeling alienated as a result of modern living.  

Shift to a sustainable lifestyle  

Have you been meaning to shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle? Start by mindfully investing your time in finding ways to reduce waste that’s detrimental to the planet. For example, say goodbye to plastic straws or disposable plastic bags. Use reusable utensils instead of plastic when you head out for a picnic. You can be your own eco-warrior one step at a time.  

Prepare your own food

There is so much joy generated from mindfully preparing your food.  Take time to go to the farmer's market in warmer weather. You can also directly buy from farmers and ask them how they grow your food.  With this in mind, preparing your food becomes a type of gratitude ritual. 

Create your “me” space at home

This can be tough especially when you share the space with your family or a roommate. Even if you have a small space, try to find a nook that you can call your own. Though we are social beings, time for ourselves is needed for introspection so that we can process our experiences, emotions, and thoughts. Use this space for meditation, a hobby, or whatever feeds your soul. If you live with others, let them know that this is your sacred space. This is also a great way to teach others to respect boundaries and privacy. 

The more that you pay attention to yourself, the more you can be there for others in return. Always remember that you cannot create space for others if you have no space for yourself. 

May you have a wonderful year filled with lots of self-care, self-love and creative, quiet time!

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Remembering Human Rights Day

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On December 10, 2021, the world comes together to honor Human Rights Day. This year the theme centers on equality. This celebration is a reminder that as human beings we are all born free and are entitled to equal rights and a dignified life.

Equality and non-discrimination are at the pulse of human rights. Beyond Human Rights Day, we should all be reminded of this principle. In our own way, we can be an agent of change to find solutions to issues that are rooted in discrimination that is pervasive across all communities. 

You might think to yourself that this is such an overwhelming task, but we are reminded of this beautiful quote from David Mitchell, “My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?” 

Every act of goodwill spurs another! With this in mind, you can promote equality in your own little way. How do you start? Here are some simple ways: 

  • Challenge your own values! Whether you like it or not, we are nurtured by a society with a set of values and beliefs including prejudices that we may not be aware of. By checking in with ourselves and challenging our own preconceived truths about people, we begin to embody equality, inclusion, and non-discrimination. 
  • Love to read?  Add literature on Human Rights to your reading list! 
  • Are you an entrepreneur selling products or services?  Support cooperatives that employ people who are part of vulnerable groups. You can also tweak your human resources to be more inclusive by listening to your employees on how to improve a work environment that promotes equality. 
  • As a student, stand up against stereotyping by being open to a new friendship. Who knows, maybe that’s what “that” single person in your class needs the most! 
  • Support brands that are investing in the work of disadvantaged communities. For example, here at Women’s Peace Collection, we work with different cooperatives comprised of marginalized women across the globe. 
  • Use your voice!  Many of you are on social media, so you can spread awareness about human rights by sharing your thoughts with your followers and friends. Dedicate an Instagram story or a post feed to it from time to time. It’s up to you! 
  • Smile. A smile can brighten up your day and someone else’s. That single act of greeting another with a smile is a form of respect and acknowledgment— no strings attached!  So smile because that’s what this world needs right now. 

 By embodying the spirit of respect for all life, you are creating a ripple effect on a personal level— so never ever think little of yourself. You are made to make a mark in this world in your own way! 

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Mindful Ways to Celebrate this Holiday Season

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And just like that, it’s the holiday season when everyone is brought together by a collective celebration. It’s been a fruitful year for us in the midst of the pandemic that hit the world last year. We have made it this far because of your support and we can’t thank you enough!

The call for mindfulness has never been so imperative, as we are all seeing the impact of our habits, decisions, and actions on both people and the environment. Though we have a long way to go, small acts guided by conscious awareness is a big leap for humanity. 

Here are some ways for you to enjoy this season in a more mindful way: 

Learn to Pause 

We always have an excuse that we are “busy.” It’s no surprise, since we are expected to be productive ALL the time. The more you tick off your checklist, the more you feel you have accomplished. The result, however, is that we no longer have the time to pause and just be still. We set aside  “vacation mode” to enjoy the liberty of being off the grid.  BUT here’s the thing--- if we change our mindset, we can experience peaceful, quiet time even on our so-called regular, mediocre days. Not everything on your daily checklist is as important as you think! 

And with the holidays just around the corner, many of us feel that more is being asked of us. We end up tired instead of being relaxed after the holidays. Allow yourself to pause and breathe. You can allot a few minutes daily to tune out from the outer world. Enjoy the stillness and the present moment. 

Tip: You can even start a gratitude journal!  Writing down what you are grateful for gives you insight on how much beauty life has to give. 

Declutter Before You Decide on a New Purchase 

Before you take advantage of all the on-going holiday sales from your favorite ethical brands, take a look at what you already have and don’t have. We accumulate so much stuff throughout our lives and without knowing, we’ve spent money on things we don’t really use. They end up tucked away in our storage spaces completely forgotten. If you really think about it, decluttering is more than about cleaning your space. It’s a way of letting go of you what no longer serves you and making space for something that is meaningful. Also, remember that behind the products that you purchase are the collective effort of people, not to mention the resources that were used to make an item.

Invest in Ethically Made Home Decorations 

It’s a tradition to decorate our homes to celebrate the holiday season. Sadly though, we generate so much waste, which includes holiday decorations. We encourage you to reuse or recycle the ones you have been using for the previous years. You can even get creative and find ways to decorate without having to succumb to on trend holiday decor. Better yet, invest in ethically-made and sustainable holiday home decorations! Make sure that you store them afterwards so you can use them in subsequent celebrations. 

Spend on Gifts that Matter 

Treat your loved ones to ethical, sustainable, handmade gifts!  Show your support to your favorite fair trade brands by shopping for gifts that reflect the values that you believe in. Before buying a gift though, make sure that the items you purchase are something that the receiver will use. In this way, you are also showing how much thought you put into looking for gifts that matter

Tip: Creatively wrap your gifts using recycled paper and ribbons! Show your knack for gift wrapping using repurposed materials instead of spending on new gift wrap. 

As you celebrate this holiday season, we are inviting you to practice mindfulness. True change starts with ourselves and by living a life of mindfulness, you eventually influence others, taking one small step towards changing the world!

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Fair Trade Month

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The whole month of October we celebrate Fair Trade!  The purpose is to remind us that as consumers we have the power to choose for change as we spend our money. The main purpose of Fair Trade Month is to collectively increase the awareness of why one should choose to support fair trade. 

We can all be changemakers and one way to do that is by consciously deciding to choose fair trade products over commodities that are harmful to the planet, our economy, to communities and to people in general.

Why Fair Trade Matters? 

Fair trade is an ethical business model that focuses on the impact of the process of production, marketing, and selling of products while providing economic opportunities for disadvantaged producers. Decades of demand for supply and consumption has led to practices that deteriorate the environment. In response, fair trade promotes sustainable ways to prevent environmental degradation. When it comes to workers, producers and artisans, fair trade’s goal is to promote inclusivity, safe working conditions and equal pay while preserving tradition. 

Looking at the bigger picture, this global movement also shows how we as human beings are connected to each other and our environment. For us, fair trade is more than just a business model but a way of stepping up for a kind of life that respects humanity and our relationship to nature. 

Fair Trade in Relation to UN Sustainable Goals

The United Nations General Assembly listed 17 sustainable goals to address staggering poverty and attain sustainable development by the year 2030. These goals represent an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people from around the globe while protecting our planet. As a fair trade business and members of the Fair Trade Federation, we address the following sustainable goals through our work: 

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. 

Goal 5: Promote gender equality.

Goal 6: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. 

Goal 7: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. 

Get Involved All Year Round 

Your purchase has the power to create change. By shopping from brands that highlight the value of fair trade principles, you are part of making the lives of others more meaningful. You take part in a community that works for a better world! 

  • Keep on learning about fair trade and how this movement is creating impact on communities and the environment. 
  • Before purchasing a product, read about the brand or company that you are supporting. 
  • Be updated and read more about fair trade news to raise your awareness. 
  • Share your favorite fair trade brands with your loved ones. 
  • Choose to give fair trade gifts in place of mass-produced products. 

As a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation, we strive for 360° fair trade! What does this mean? We are wholeheartedly involving our artisan partners in a long-term and holistic partnership that help them to grow their business and live a dignified life. By adhering to the values of fair trade, together we can truly make a difference! 

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Take PRIDE: A Call for Gender Equity

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We at Women’s Peace Collection are taking the month of June to honor PRIDE Month. Even in the midst of COVID-19, we continue to celebrate the work of the LGBTQ community, especially the activists who have changed the world. The whole month of June is a reminder to everyone around the globe to give voice to LGBTQ rights-- a call for gender equity, one of the very cornerstones of Fair Trade.

A Brief History of PRIDE MONTH 

On June 28, 1969, a famous gay bar in N.Y.C.’s West Village was raided by the police. Police raids were a common occurrence at The Stonewall Inn. However, on this date, the patrons of the establishment stood up, marking a major milestone for the Gay Liberation Movement. 

A year after the Stonewall Riots, the world witnessed the first ever Gay Pride March--- a coming together of the LGBTQ community proudly walking against injustice. This parade is a testament against gender and sexual orientation inequality.

Recalling the history of Pride Month is crucial as it reminds us that the fight is far from over. We are beautifully reminded that as a community, change is possible. 

A Call for Equality 

Fair Trade transcends trading as it proves that successful businesses should prioritize people first.  In the advent of fair trade, gender gaps are being challenged. 

There is no denying that in the modern workplace, homophobia and transphobia greatly affect the dynamics and atmosphere among workers. Individuals part of the LGBTQ community are exposed to abuse, singled-out, and stigmatized. 

“According to a PEW Survey, 21 % of LGBTQ workers report that they have been discriminated against in hiring, promotions and pay. LGBTQ employees are more than twice as likely to be bullied and discriminated against as heterosexual employees in the workplace, and nearly half of trans people are not living permanently in their preferred gender role, for fear it might threaten their employment status.” - Ethical Trade Organization

The 6 colored flag of the PRIDE March is symbolic of life, spirit, nature, and harmony. Looking closely, these too are what Fair Trade brings to the table. While Fair Trade is by no means the sole solution for the issues faced by the LGBTQ, it does provide a space for equal dialogue. Fighting against discrimination in the workplace is one of the 10 principles in the Fair Trade arena. No matter one’s status, gender, sexual orientation, religion and beliefs, organizations embodying the fair trade spirit accept visibility, diversity and inclusivity. 

How else do you think fair trade can make a difference in the lives of the LGBTQ community?

Share your thoughts with us! 

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To the Graduates: Becoming Changemakers by Choosing Fair!

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There are few things more exciting, rewarding and overwhelming than walking on stage to accept your diploma. You are about to enter the next chapter of your life as you graduate. Being an adult you are accountable, more than ever, to your life decisions. Whether you believe it or not, your choices as you become an adult member of society and part of the workforce can create change. 

We live in a consumption driven society. This is the cycle of the modern economy. The unfortunate truth is that traditional businesses value profit over people and the environment. Would you buy a piece of jewelry or clothing if you knew that makers were exploited in the process? Would you support a brand if their business practices cause harm to Mother Earth, your home? 

You can use your dollar to make other people’s dreams come true, vote for equality, support sustainability, and empower inclusivity

How to start your journey to making ethical choices: 

  1. Before purchasing anything, do your research! Make a list of your current favorite brands and take a look at what they are really about. It’s easy to be swayed by fads and trends but following what’s in fashion, may not be the best ethical choice. 
  2. Find out more about the brands by researching their business practices. If there are no resources, be courageous enough to ask them about it. 
  3. Be constantly conscious of how you spend your dollar. Use the power of your pocket to support brands that matter. Choose brands that continue to strive for ethical practices in doing their business. 
  4. Start supporting brands that are committed to fair trade! Fair Trade is a simple and beautiful idea wherein both people and the environment are taken into consideration in the production of goods. 
  5. Lastly, don’t beat yourself too much in the process of the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. Take it one purchase at a time. What matters the most is that you continue to make the effort. 

We invite and urge you, as a member of the future generation, to be a changemaker in your own way. Even through what may seem to be trivial daily decisions, like buying your groceries, shopping for home essentials, or for a new wardrobe, you CAN make a difference in the lives of others. Making an ethical choice, one day at a time, creates a positive ripple effect! 

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Ethical Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is a time to honor ALL mothers - that includes grandmothers, aunts, daughters who are mothers, and more. This Mother’s Day we hope you will consider purchasing fair trade gifts that are ethically handmade by talented artisans.  When buying our products you honor these courageous  women - most of whom are mothers themselves - who are behind each creation. Make this year’s gift extra special by buying a gift that gives back to women and mothers across the globe!

Here are some of our suggested gifts for Mom:  

Fair Trade Scarves 

Scarves are a basic staple in any woman’s wardrobe.  We just love how one can play around with scarves throughout any season. Whether your mom uses her scarf as an accent to her wardrobe, a decorative piece for her bag if she’s feeling creative, or as a wrap when your family hits the beach--- she’ll love our ethically made scarves from India, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Guatemala and Indonesia! Explore our Scarf Collection 

Ethically made Jewelry 

You’ve probably noticed the wide variety of jewelry on our website, all handmade by our artisan partners around the globe. There are definitely a lot of pieces to choose from, and depending on your mom’s personality, we’re sure you can find something that’ll speak to her. We especially like our latest Spring Collection with themes ranging from fun, color, and class. Our silver collection in particular, is easy to wear everyday. We also have necklaces, bracelets and rings featuring stones and pearls. 

Handmade Tote Bags 

We have two NEW tote bags from India! Our Recycled Kaleidoscope Tote Bag and Recycled Indigo Bag are made of recycled fabric and a bit of suede with pockets meant to keep everything organized for the day. If your mom loves to have everything organized when heading out, she’ll totally love these colorful and fabulous totes! These bags have a laid back look, which she can pair with her casual daily attire. 

Curated Home Decor 

Does your mom never stop improving and beautifying her home? Our ethically made home accents might just be the right gift for her. We have handmade baskets from Guatemala and Kenya that can be used as decorations, fruit baskets and organizers. Our wooden spoons and salad servers will also be a great addition to her kitchen accessories. Explore Home Decor Collection. 

We believe that moms deserve a gift that is an expression of your love for her!  And now you can get any of our ethically made products at 20% off. Even our New Arrivals are on sale.  Use code MOM20 upon check-out through Sunday, May 2nd to receive the discount.  For every purchase you make, you are not only making your mom smile but other women too. 

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